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We are 1 year old! We open YouTube!20.06.2022 01:44

Today we turn 1 year old! During this time, there have been many changes on our site, our audience has grown, new sections have appeared and many additions and improvements have been made. But we are still confident that there is still more to come. Today, a new type of advertising and earnings that you have been asking for so long - YouTube will become available to all users. Now you can earn money by watching YouTube videos and also advertise your videos and channels.

Attention21.05.2022 01:05

Due to a failure, our users could not access the site during the day and all the percentages on daily bonuses were reset to zero. To recover interest, please write to technical support. All interest will be refunded.

Attention everyone!!!10.03.2022 08:41

In connection with the urgent move to another hosting, of course, there were no losses. 1. Invest - active investments lost their time to complete the investment for a couple of days, don't worry, we will fix everything soon and you will see the current date and time. 2. % on the daily bonus has been reset. You can write to technical support and we will quickly fix it.

We are working again!!!09.03.2022 20:08

Dear users, we are working for you again. Due to the difficult political situation, our hosting decided to deprive us of their services. In this regard, we had to start moving to another one and it took some time. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, we are working hard for you!

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin faucet!20.01.2022 05:00

Today we are excited to present the biggest update in our history! We are adding a crypto section to the site. In it, you can find out the current cryptocurrency rates at any time, as well as earn money by collecting Bitcoins for free! You can collect every 12 hours, receiving a random amount of cryptocurrency.

The interest on investments doubles!!!02.01.2022 00:05

Dear users, we wish you all a Happy New Year 2022. Today we are raising the percentage of investments for everyone by 2 times. Now, with investments for the same period, you will receive 2 times more money!

07.11.2021 01:47

November is the month of free banners! Advertise your resources on our website! In addition, the free context is extended for another month.

We've launched!18.06.2021 03:40

Welcome to our site! Today we start our work for you! We are a completely new project created from scratch! We promise to provide the highest quality service, we will gladly accept any of your suggestions and wishes, our technical support will solve all your problems. Earn and advertise with us, soon you will find a lot of interesting things!
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