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Project Services


This project is a service that provides advertising services, as well as the possibility of generating an additional source of income.


Placing a site in surfing from 0.02 rub. per 1 view

Placement of paid tasks from 0.3 rub. for 1 execution

Placement of advertising in paid letters (within the project) from 0.04 rub. for 1 execution

Placement of paid tests from 0.15 rub. for 1 execution

Placement of paid surveys from 0.15 rub. for 1 poll

Placement of links in contextual advertising from 0.01 rub. for 1 transition

Placement of banners from 0.01 rub. for 1 transition

Cash transactions

In this project, each user has one account for replenishment and withdrawal, as well as for accrual of earned funds.

All settlements are made through the electronic payment system PAYEER.

All operations are performed automatically.

Payment procedure for services and delivery

Project services are paid for by adding an order in the appropriate section with subsequent replenishment of the order balance from the customer's account.

All ordered services are performed by project users who receive rewards for this. User rewards are deducted from the balance of the order.

The balance of the order can be replenished at any time.

All ordered services are described in detail in the relevant sections.

The customer must understand the meaning of their actions.

If you refuse to use any service - it can be deleted or suspended in the appropriate section. When deleting the service, the unused balance is returned to the customer's account.

In case of any failures in payment and / or delivery of services, please contact our Technical Support Service.



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